Careers Page

You Care We Care wanted a careers page on the website as that was a cruicial element for them due to there being so much demand but not enouh carers. So we made sure to make it happen by creating them an application form for viewers to use. We created and then linked the form to their business email so that every application would go straight to them. 

Logo Creation

You Care We Care also wanted a logo as they were very much a start-up business. They had a concept in mind and we were the ones to bring that concept to life. This goes to show how much of a versatile business we are. They had a vision – we gave it life. 

See below for the evolution of the logo.


It was vital for You Care We Care to have an attractive eye catching services page so that customers knew what to expect if they were to hire a carer from You Care We Care. So we made sure to create that for them in a grid like form so that the information can be easily conveyed.


Yahya Consultants were truly something else. They were amazing every step of the way. They remained patient and professional at all times. Truly reccomend these guys for website design and social media. They set up our social media accounts so quickly and got us up and running in no time. Amir in particular went the extra mile and even created us a digitial business card. So so happy with everything, wouldn’t have had it any other way. Love them!