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With the right data, it's always easy to see the right path!

Slide Conversion Optimisation Is your website getting the visitors, but not the sales? Optimising your website for conversions is crucial for business growth. Our specialised team analyse site and visitor data to find out how your audience is enagaging with your site and what can be improved. What is Conversion Rate Optimisation? Slide What is Conversion Rate Optimisation? Conversation Rate Optimisation (CRO), simply put, is increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. This is done by using data driven analysis to assess what techniques can be adopted to create an improved flow of information and action points.


Slide Why your website needs to be
optimised for conversions
INCREASED VALUE Customers are able to navigate through the website easily, meaning they will be able to access the information they require with no hassle at all. UNDERSTAND YOUR
By continuously analysing and optimising your website, you will come to understand what your customers want, need and expect from your business website.
STOP WASTING TRAFFIC By optimising your website you will be better equiped to turn your current visitors into paying customers!
GOOGLE WILL LOVE YOU Once Google knows that your website is fully credible and optimised with low bounce rates and higher conversion rates then they will rank you higher on search results. YOUR WEBSITE WILL LOOK
You will have an aesthetically pleasing website which is easy to use! It will make prospects prone to want to navigate through the website.
The ability to funnel your website visitors towards performing desired action; it will keep them coming back, again and again transforming them into loyal customers.

Slide OUR PROCESS 1. Set-up We will set-up tracking facilities so that we are able to monitor every page, click & stroke of the users' mouse to grant us access to the rich data that our customers provide us with everyday. It's just like standing behind your viewers as they interact with your website. 2. Collecting and analysing data Once we commence the collection of the data we will need to wait to make sure sufficient data has been collected. After the data has been collected we will analyse the data accordingly, find gaps and areas of improvement. 3. Implementation & testing We will implement these changes to your website whilst A/B testing. This will give us an indication as to how much better the new version of the website is. We will repeat this until we get the highest conversion rate possible. 4. CRO reporting At the end of the month; we will report back the improvements that have been to the website.


Slide Beat your competition Put your business ahead of the competition by having a superior site that visitors prefer to navigate through. £ Faster return on investment The right flow will mean that prospects convert more quickly as their queries are being addressed at the right time. Get more customers Optimising your site for leads or sales, rather than to present information will mean you get more customers. £ Get the most out of your Ad Spend A high converting site will mean your online marketing efforts will not be spent in vain.