Iqra Primrary School aim to create an islamic learning environment for their students by promoting the development of their knowledge, confidence and creativity. It was important for them to have a Newsletters/blog section on their website. They wanted parents to know about the fun, educational and exciting stuff that happens at Iqra primrary school so that they could build that trusted credibility from parents looking to take their children to this primary school. Most parents these days want to be informed about the activities that go on at the schools so this was something that we created for Iqra Primrary school.


It was also very crucial for Iqra to have a very detailed menu bar. They wanted parents to know about what they offer at their school and that they are an islamic shcool but with a mainstream curriculum. Although they do not teach every subject that other schools do. However they wanted to highlight how they were unique and all aspects of what they had to offer so we made sure that this was incorporated into the website. 

A message from the headteacher

The headteacher at Iqra wanted a section on the website where she could speak to the viewers and create an instand bond with parents. So we created a pop up ‘Read More’ button where Dr Minezza Maher had a chance to voice the schools personality. 

Contact Us

We created a detailed digital map for Iqra so that they could be easily located. That was vital for them. We also made sure to include key information such as their working hours, phone number and email address. It is important for parents to have alterative ways of contacting the school. 

Umar Salaams

Helped build a 2-3 month project in 5 days beating the deadline! Excellent service and great quality. Will definitely be working with you guys again!