Insider Secrets: 10 steps to writing copy that sales

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Do you want to know how to write copy that actually increases sales? Imagine being able to write ads, social posts and landing page copy that flood in customers again and again. Most business owners do not realise how much of an impact written word has on their sales; but today, using Dan Lok’s building blocks of successful copywriting you will discover the 10 features needed to produce effective copy.

So let’s dive in…

  1. The Headline

A headline is the first thing a viewer reads when they interact with your page or post. It needs to grab their attention enough to encourage them to stop and read more. People never read, believe or do anything at first, so don’t try to sell to them in the headline, just nudge them to read the first paragraph. Headlines that work well include those that ask a question like “Who else wants to…” or “Would you like…”. Another great tip is to make the headline sound new or exclusive like the title of this post “Insider Secrets”.

2. The Opening

The opening is the first paragraph and subheading. Make this section sound interesting by using words like “Introducing” “Announcing” or “Discover”. Create a visual in the reader’s mind by using the word ‘Imagine’; just like we did in the opening of this blog “Imagine being able to write ads and posts that flood in customers again and again.”

3. Your Credentials

Ok, so at this point  they are somewhat interested in the topic, but why should they listen to what you have to say? List your credentials and don’t be afraid to sell yourself a bit. Tell them about what makes you and your business great so that they can understand what makes your business different to the alternatives available.

4. Your Offer

Tell the reader exactly how you are going to solve their problems and what they are going to gain by taking up your offer. It is very important to also anticipate what their objections may be, so that you can overcome them. For example  you could say something like 

“You may be thinking, this course costs too much, but imagine all the time and Money you will save by accelerating your results and not making the same mistakes that 99.9% of others in your industry do”.

5. Use Bullets Points

Highlight the features and benefits of your offer by using quick and easy to read bullet points. These are great for when users scroll and skim through your post/page.

6. Use Testimonials

What others say about your business is 100x more valuable than what you can say about yourself. With this in mind, include 3rd party verification on your page like Facebook or Google testimonials. Video Testimonials also work fantastically. If Video testimonials are not available, include written testimonials with an image and name of the reviewer.

7.  Include valid justifications

We need to make your offer a no brainer for the reader. Your prospects will always be skeptical and debating whether your service or product is the best option for them, especially if there is a high upfront cost. So, provide them with their alternatives and explain clearly why your offer is better. This will highlight the value they are getting and justify the cost.

8. Reverse the risk

Reducing the risk to the buyer is the key to boosting sales. One way of doing this is by offering an extended money back guarantee. A common critique of this option is that more customers will request refunds. This is true, but the more sales you make should outweigh the number of refunds requested. If it doesn’t it is more likely that there is an issue with your product/service rather than then the offer.

9. A Call to action

Your audience has read most of your content and now you need to convert them. Make it as easy as possible for them to order by removing unnecessary barriers. Also ensure your call to action is clear and bold so that it can not be missed.

10. Add Urgency

The last step is to create urgency. Your reader is convinced but why should they act now? Add a deadline with an added offer or bonuses that they can receive if they act fast. Another way to develop urgency is to imply that spaces/products are limited and acting now will secure them for the reader.

Copywriting is a skill, but using the above tips in your sales pages will have you copywriting like a pro. If you include all the above features when you write, you will make more sales and reduce the time and money spent converting prospects on the phone.

We hope you find this post helpful, and if you have any other copywriting hacks, let us know in the comments so that we can all improve our business by writing better sales copy.

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