5 tips to grow your audience on Facebook

grow your audience on facebook

We all know that social media is a big deal when it comes to marketing your business in this modern world. But what you might not know is how best to grow your audience and approach this marketing tool.

This is particularly true when it comes to growing your audience on Facebook. Facebook is a powerhouse for your business, however, in order to get the best from it you need to take the right steps. So, to help you we have put together 5 tips to grow your audience on Facebook.

1. Always have a Facebook like button

Our first tip is one that people often over look, which is to include your Facebook page link in all communication including your website. Add your Facebook link to your digital communication like your email signature and keep it easy to access on your website, but also on your printed media, like business cards and leaflets. Depending on your type of business, you could even have your Facebook username in your store.

2. Use Facebook ads optimised for Page Likes

Facebook ads can be great for raising awareness, in fact we’ve written a post about the benefits of advertising on Facebook before. So  If you’ve decided to run a Facebook ad campaign and your aim is to grow your Facebook following, then consider running an ad using the engagement campaign objective to increase page likes. This means Facebook will target your ads to people who have liked similar pages and are likely to like your page. Saying this, be very clear on what your goals are because if you want to make more sales quickly, this may not be the right objective for you.

3. Post quality images

Facebook is an incredibly visual platform. Whilst the content is something that will keep people sticking around, the images are often what will draw them in the first place. One of the simplest things that you can do is to try and use the best quality images possible. Avoid blurry and fuzzy images, make sure that you use bright and colourful images where appropriate, as this will really help you to grab attention and draw people to follow or like your page. websites you can use to help you with this include Unsplash and Canva.

4. Ensure your content is interesting

Following on from the above, the words that you post are also important. You need to ensure that your content is interesting, that it is relevant and that it showcases your brand. You also want to make sure that you do your best to post as often as you can, regular daily posts are a great approach as these will keep your page fresh and keep your audience interested.

5. Collabrate with other businesses

There are going to be times that your business comes into contact with other businesses out there. Perhaps you have worked together on are recent project? Or you in the same area? Why not see if you can come together and create a Facebook post whereby you are both tagged? In doing this you will be appearing to a much wider network of people, which could mean that you both see an increase on followers and a larger audience.

So, now you know more about the secrets of Facebook, perhaps it is time to try and grow your audience. It will take some time and effort, but we can promise you, when you put the work in, the reward will absolutely be worth it. For more tips check out our 5 tips on Social Media Success! post

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